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Have you really looked at the t-shirts you own? Have you thought about what they tell people about you? This occurred to me last night as I stood in my closet thinking I should really clean it out again. I have a lot of t-shirts I don’t wear…
The truth of it is, I really treasure them, even though they are not exactly my style. I know this sounds a little contradictory until you understand where I got them.
Thousands of dogs surrounded me as my daughter, a friend and I participated in SPCA’S Doggy Dash. It was soooo much fun! How did the organizers know I had paid my way? My t-shirt! And just to make it even more fun, my dog had a matching t-shirt of her very own! We walked a 5K, marveled at the fact that there could be so many breeds of essentially the same critter and caught up with each other’s latest news.
We arrived to a flurry of activity as the poor foreman tried to organize a crew of rookies. We were to renovate a house for Rebuilding Together. My daughter and I traditionally paint the ceilings and trim of the exterior of the houses. I am not sure if more paint lands on the house or the painters, but it is a great feeling at the end of the day to know that we have made one families life just a little nicer. My t-shirt never survives without the color of the house on it, but that makes it even better!
Finding our team was the big challenge when you consider that there were tens of thousands of people running or walking in support of the Susan G. Koman Race for the Cure in one big parking lot. We finally found our team (a bunch of Realtors who were really noisy…but had on the same chartreuse colored t-shirt), took pictures galore and then did laps around Cal Expo’s parking lot.
The t-shirts I wore for these events are a reminder of a great feeling of giving. I am not sure who got more out of it – myself or the beneficiaries, but I am pretty sure they were mutually great experiences. So, take a look in your closet…what does it tell people about you? And, if you happen to see someone wearing a benevolent t-shirt, why not thank them for giving so much of themselves?

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