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We are suppose to be professionals, but there are times when the general public really makes it difficult – the ending result being our human side coming out in unrestrained laughter. This generally happens when we are touring homes. I don’t know if the agent didn’t know how to approach their sellers or simply chose not to. Anyway, here are a few items that will give us agents some hilarity or just a plain ewww:

Please don’t leave the whips and chains hanging on the back of the bedroom door!

While hanging a sexy-posed photograph of yourself over the bed may have initiated a new enthusiasm for your relationship, it is just a little too much information for visitors!

Square dancing may be a great way to exercise and a wonderful hobby, but filling an entire bedroom with your netting skirts makes it just a little difficult to actually see the room!

You may want to remodel enough so the toilet isn’t still situated in the middle of the house, to be viewed by all!

Please, oh please, if you are not going to flush the toilet, at least put the lid down!

I know that California is very near legalizing pot, but it probably isn’t a good idea to leave your bong out…some of us actually know what it is!

Just for clarity, these events are true..they have not been altered to protect the innocent! Anyone is welcome to share their own “I can’t believe it” moments! I am sure you can top these!

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