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After World War II, two veteran military buddies, Ashely Ruledge and Victor Zito returned to Sacramento after being stationed in Alameda. Vic was a local boy and Ashley was from Nebraska. Ashley had worked at a soda fountain before the war. They were inspired to open their own soda fountain when they saw lines going out the door at another local ice cream parlor (Gunthers in Curtis Park).
On February 2, 1947, Vic’s Ice Cream opened it’s doors in
Land Park. They have always made their own ice cream, along with ice cream pies and cakes. It’s vanilla ice cream has won “Best of” awards from several venues. Students couldn’t wait to get their report card, because if they get all A’s and B’s, they got a free ice cream cone! Sadly, Vic passed away in 1966, leaving Ash to continue the great reputation the soda fountain had achieved
It has become a family tradition for our family’s babys to go to Vic’s as their first restaurant experience. My wedding cake was a three tiered ice cream cake that Ash decorated personally. We could tell that it was time to cut it when it started to lean slightly! We look forward to the seasonal favorites of Egg Nog ice cream and Rasberry Sherbert, not to mention Pumpkin.
Ashley is still involved in the business at the age of 88. His son, Craig has picked up the mantle of manager. What is amazing about this neighborhood icon is that it also gives jobs not only to young people of the area, but several families as well. Maury Hatch has been with Vic’s for decades as well as Erik Downey. Maury is their Employee Manager and Erik is their Ice Cream Manager.
So, if you ever come to Sacramento’s Land Park, look me up! I will treat you to a cone!

Vic’s Ice Cream3199 Riverside BlvdSacramento CA 95818(916) 448 0892

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