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In a time when jobs are an envied commodity, when “upside down” has taken on a scary and all new meaning, when retirement has adopted a new horizon and a college education carries with it no guarantees, there is a silver lining.

These economic times have forced, at the very least, a review of how things were done in the past as opposed to how they need to be done in the future. People have drawn together and, rather than have some lose their job, have taken an across the board pay cut. Some, who lost their jobs, found their passion and have found a new and joyful way to support themselves and their families. Owners of businesses have taken no salary to ensure the health of their businesses and the continued employment of their workers. We have learned how to get by with less.

Now, you may be wondering how this applies to the sucker patrol. William Land Park, a beautiful, 144acre park in the heart of Sacramento has had their maintenance workers dwindle from 50+ to 6. You can imagine that this gem of Sacramento simply cannot be maintained with such a drastic cut in care. Well, a man with some foresight saw a solution in creating the Land Park Volunteer Corp. He called upon the adjoining Land Park residents to step up…and we have…typically 60 strong, the first Saturday of every month.

Today, we trimmed ivy off of the Funderland wall. We maintained 4 flower beds that we re-created when they were let go. We weeded, we raked and we trimmed. Me? Well, I got to help one of the 2 “Sucker Patrol” teams. The trees were doing their very best to create little trees and new branches all around their base and trunk. We got to attack those volunteer “suckers” with a vengeance. Now, with the 2 and 1/2 hours that we were allowed, we only got to about a third of the trees that needed trimming, so I think we will be attacking again in August.

The best part is that this program has been such a success, that other neighborhoods that adjoin city parks are adopting the program as well. So, just when you think that good can’t possibly come out of these difficult times, think again. The silver lining? People are working together to save what is really important in our lives. There is a new clarity…and isn’t it wonderful?

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  1. Paula, You are Sooooo RIGHT! All of these people should know better. Always hire a CERTIFIED Home Inspector.


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