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I was just having the most interesting conversation about our new vs old methods of communication.  We have so many options these days – the old fashioned phone call, email and text.  With so many options, purposes and ages using the options, there is confusion on the appropriate use of each of these.  I would like to share my thoughts and welcome yours!

Emails are great for non-emergency communication or when there is a need to have a conversation in writing.  There is no immediacy involved.

Texts are a conundrum.  Many think texts can be 24/7.  Some think that texts should be used when there is a need for a quick response.  Others think texts are great when you don’t need a quick response.  Personally, I think texts should be used between 9AM and 9PM so it doesn’t matter if it is a quick or slow response.

Phone calls are what keep relationships going.  While emails and texts have their place, they cannot convey nuances of voice for emotion.

Adding to this confusion is the plethora of people who have forsaken their landline for a mobile phone.  I keep my phone next to my bed at night for emergency phone calls.  Unless my listing is burning down or being broken into, real estate or general conversation phone calls or texts are not welcome between 9AM and 9PM.  Many people don’t realize that their odd hour phone calls are waking people up!

So, what are your thoughts?


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