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You have decided to sell your home and are looking for that perfect Realtor that will create the perfect storm of a high price, a quick sale and a smooth escrow. Many agents will tout their ability to do exactly this combination.

However, the perfect listing Realtor does not act alone. A truly successful sales experience is a team…the combination of the efforts of the Realtor AND the homeowner. A united effort goes a long way to have a mutually positive experience.

The smart seller should select their Realtor with one main thought in mind…do you trust your Realtor? If you do, then this means you have done your homework, understand the qualifications of your Realtor and are convinced that this is the Realtor for you. Once this task has been accomplished, the rest is a breeze. You, as the seller, will TRUST that the Realtor is telling you what you need to do to your property to receive the best price. You will TRUST your Realtor that you are being told the right price for your home and you will TRUST your Realtor when you are advised regarding the offer and negotiations necessary for a successful sale.

Mutually, the Realtor needs to trust the seller. The Realtor must TRUST that the seller has made all necessary disclosures. The Realtor must TRUST that the seller will work in a timely manner to accomplish the needed tasks.
So, when you are searching for that perfect Realtor, make sure it is someone you TRUST and someone you can work with. After that, it really can be a positive experience.

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