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There is something about lemonade stands that I just can’t pass up.  I don’t know if it’s the cute kid on the other side of the table, the childhood memories it creates or I’m simply thirsty, but it draws me like a moth to a flame.

So, just like with garage sales, I slam on the brakes and hope no one is behind me.  I rummage in my purse until I find my cash…and here’s the best part…I pull out whatever lands in my hands.  Usually it’s a $20 (my life at ATM’s).  I walk to the table with it wadded up in my hand, tell the kid I don’t really need the lemonade, but compliment him or her on their industriousness.  Then I secretly had them the money and quickly walk away.

The reaction is so much fun…and I get more pleasure out of “Mom!!! Mom!!! Look what that lady gave me!!!!  Mom!!! Look!!!) than that child ever gets spending the money.

Try it sometime…you’ll never go back!

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