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I know that there are a lot of people who get their exercise walking and jogging. I hear that you can hit a transition point and after that, it gets easier. Some tell me that they feel exhilarated after their outing.

For me, I get bored being a pedestrian. Simply put, it’s just too slow. I’m a tourist when it comes to my outings. I want to see what people are doing. I want to appreciate a unique home. I always try to route my outings through William Land Park. However, I don’t want to take a lot of time between scenes. My preference is my trusty bike. I can enjoy a little breeze, no matter what the weather. I can speed by the less interesting scenes and stop at the really cool stuff. I can stop and talk to people…no muscles will cramp up. My feet aren’t exactly user friendly and biking doesn’t make them hurt.

Now granted, I don’t really bike just for exercise. I always need a destination. With saddlebags on my bike, I can run errands galore. I can buy a week’s worth of dinners and load it up in my bike. I can buy paint for my house, flowers for my garden or office supplies…and bring them home on my bike. The exercise is really a nice side benefit. Of course, there is always the benefit of saving money on gas, but really, I have to admit…it’s the last reason I ride my bike.

I write this in the hope that more people will pause, just for a second, when they are heading out the door. Could they ride their bike to wherever they are going? Have you ever thought about how many times your quick errand could be accomplished on a bike? Come on…join me! You might actually enjoy it!

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