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You have seen the quaint neighborhood markets in movies and heard of them, but only in past tense. They delivered to the loyal neighbors. They listened to the neighbors and stocked their requests. Neighbors visited neighbors as they shopped.

Land Park is fotunate to still have such a market. Taylors Market is just such a market, only stepped up several notches. They ease the dinner dilemma of what to cook with ready to heat lasagna, tamales, stuffed baked potatoes, salmon, chicken and more.

They are reknown for their true old butcher shop, complete with every sort of meat, poultry and fish imaginable. The quality is unsurpassed. The selection is beyond the impressive, including such rare items as quail eggs, rabbitt, buffalo. They even pre-make marinated chicken breats, fajitas, meatloaf, stuffed salmon and much more. They are well known for their varieties of home made sausages.

If you are looking for a wonderful wine to go with that perfect dinner, just ask for “Dick’s Picks”. The have an extensive selection of wines and beers. Want one of those harder to find local sodas? Taylors Marke will probably have it. Do you crave fresh coffee beans that you can grind yourself? Come to Taylors and enjoy selecting your own brew.

The eclectic choices offered of marinades, vinegars, rubs and seasonings offers a great compliment to any meal. Chutneys, demi glaces, salts of every type, balsalmi vinegars…it is all here.

For those who appreciate fresh breads, Taylors brings in fresh, locally made breads daily. Baguettes, sour dough, raisen bread, bagels, and seasoned breads simply are unsurpassed.

When you are looking for that special grocery shopping experience, visit Taylors…you will never look back!

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