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We are here to be used and taken advantage of…the moment you decide that you want us to represent you.

There is an assumption among Realtors that if you have decided to have representation…and even better yet, have us represent you, then you felt that you did not have the expertise to accomplish the task at hand on your own. This being the case, the next step would be to trust that with our fiduciary responsibility to you, we are giving you the very best advice for your situation.

For example, if you tell your Realtor that you want to low ball every offer you decide to write (and I promise, with this approach, you will write a lot of offers), listen to what your Realtor has to say. In some cases, a low ball offer is just fine. However, writing a low ball offer in the first week a property is on the market is not one of those times.

If your Realtor tells you that to maximize the net to you as a seller you should spruce up your home with a few upgrades, don’t wait until it has been on the market a month to decide now is the time to take your Realtors advice. It will be too late.

If your Realtor tells you that the house you have fallen in love with will not last, trust your Realtor. Odds are there are others that feel the same way. Write an offer immediately. If you don’t, then don’t be angry with your Realtor or the listing agent if it sells before you get off the fence.

When you are discussing the listing price for your home, trust that your Realtor knows the market and the correct price. Padding for negotiation simply doesn’t work in this market. You can’t negotiate an offer you don’t get because you have overpriced your home.

These are just a few instances of the reasons you need to take advantage of your Realtor. You will find a much better real estate experience if you use the expertise and knowledge offered to you!

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