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Did you know that Spring is here? How did you know? Did you look at a calendar? Did the news tell you? Did you see all of the spring bulbs sprouting their beautiful blooms? Did you smell…
Oh, wait! Where were you when you learned of Spring’s arrival? I would be willing to bet that you were looking through glass…a windshield or a window. Or maybe you heard it…on the news in your car or house. Really… think about this! It is indicative of most of our lives these days. How did I come to this revelation?
I was put on “car rest”…meaning, I couldn’t drive. No..not a DUI…a health thing of which I am fairly certain is now history. Anyway…on with my dialogue. I had to walk or ride my bike. I walked to a home to write an offer. I walked to open a house to a contractor. I walked to show a duplex. I walked to present an offer. Do you know what I discovered? Spring smells. Cherry blossoms, freesias, lilacs, rosemary share their wonderful aromas. Spring has a sound. Birds singing their hearts out. Bees buzzing. People out and about on walks and bikes. Spring “feels”. Crisp morning air and refreshing afternoons.
My point? You think you need your car…and there are times this is true. But it insulates you from experiencing some wonderful things. You rush from car to house…and watch Spring come from inside your home. Be a part of it. Really consider the possibility of walking to the appointments you can. This isn’t about “being green”…this is about not missing an important part of life.
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