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Have you gotten down on your hands and knees and pounced at your dog? The confused and pleased look on her face will be priceless!
Try dancing to a particularly inspiring television commercial!

Sing at the top of your lungs…not when you are alone and it is safe, but when everyone is around! No need for you to be embarrassed…they will be embarrassed for you!

Even at 57 years old, food fights can still be hysterical…forget the mess!

The sidewalk chalk? Make yourself a hopscotch and go at it! It was fun at 7 and is still fun!

Kids have it happening…water wars at any age is just plain fun! Hoses, buckets, squirt guns…it doesn’t matter!

Did you know that rubber bands do more than hold things together? They are great to wake someone up when they are just plain too comfortable! (Be sure you have another one when they return the favor!)

Socks are not just for warmth…when is the last time you slid across a nice smooth floor?

Have you ridden your bicycle lately…it is particularly fun when the street is can do some really daring turns and swerves!

Really…how good are you at making paper airplanes? Betcha mine can go further!

All I am saying is, fun isn’t costly. Fun can be just a split second. Fun isn’t complicated. The best fun is an impulse. And Fun?…it will make you live longer and happier. So, it’s the weekend! HAVE FUN!

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