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As the time grows closer for a vote at the Sacramento City Council, there is an escalating fervor regardingthe Petrovich development known as Curtis Park Village. The chasm between the fans of this development and the critics is growing as well. Much of the chatter is really a result of misinformation (intentional or accidental is another topic).
Probably the biggest hotbed is the toxic issue within the site. When originally tested by the city, Petrovich was told that there was 80,000 cubic yards of toxic soil. After 2000 railroad cars were loaded up with said soil and sent to Utah, it was thought to be clean. However, upon subsequent testing, at total of 240,000 cubic yards was found…a substantial increase in costs, considering the expenditure so far just for clean up has already totaled 14M dollars! At this point, you would think that Petrovich would have thrown his hands up and abandoned the project. He didn’t. He researched and found the accepted practice of digging a very deep hole (50′), lining it and filling it with the toxic soil. Finally, a toxic proof barrier is put over it, it is sealed and clean soil is put on top. This has been done over 200 times without a flaw. A park will be placed in this section of the development – all other residential areas will have clean dirt.
The other misconception is the amount of traffic this development will incur. The traffic study shows that with the exception of Sutterville Road, this plan will have zero impact or will improve the flow. Bus lines will be rerouted from 24th Street to the main thoroughfare (Curtis Park Village Drive) of the development. There will be ingress and egress at 5th Avenue, 10th Avenue and Donner Way. In a grading system of A to F, all inner street will have a grade of A and a couple of B’s. Sutterville Road already has an F, so admittedly it will make a bad situation worse.
Another rumor being discussed is that “big box” stores will lease the space. Stores such as WalMart, Home Depot and Target require anywhere from 12 to 16 acres of space. With a total of 72 acres, much of it residential and the park, and the plan calling for smaller individual commercial and retail structures, the “big box” store simply does not have a place in this development.
The ultimate cost of this development will be 225M dollars. It will create 2000 temporary jobs and 550 permanent jobs. It will provide an already dramatically under serviced neighborhood with more retail and service options. It will provide for 7.2M dollars in annual tax revenue.
Curtis Park Village will encompass 72 acres of infill. It will have 184 single family homes, 248 multi family housing units, 89,000 square feet of restaurants and entertainment, 16,000 square feet of small commercial space, 90 affordable housing units and a 154,000 square feet of commercial space. 2400 trees will be planted and old growth oaks will be preserved. Residential lots will be from 100 to 160 feet deep and 50 to 60 feet wide.
Mr. Petrovich has participated in over 150 public forums for input and suggestions. He has made over 36 changes to the plan at the suggestion of the neighbors. In my humble opinion, this is an admirable plan that needs the support of this city and it’s citizens. Build it, and they will come!

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