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My memories of Fairytale Town? Let’s see…loved the Crooked Mile, so wanted my birthday party at the Castle (not a great idea in January) and being chased by a goose that I am sure was 10 feet tall! Now I get to help create some memories for my granddaughters…how fun is that?

Fairytale Town was opened in 1959 and has been a Sacramento destination for children and adults alike since. You can even join their Twitter Group for updates on chick hatchings, set improvements and field trips.

There are some truly remarkable trivia about the wonderful playground for children. All of the sets at Fairytale Town were built by volunteer labor and donated goods. Presently, Fairytale Town is raising funds through their “

Yellow Brick Road” . The “Town” was selected as a filming location for the BBC (a documentary about twins) and the Muscular Dystrophy Association for film clips of children playing.

There are a multitude of coming events such as a 50’s theme Crystal Rockin’ Royal 50th Anniversary Bash on August 29th from 5-9, th eTwilight Concert Series on Wednesdays (July 22, August 5th and August 19th) at 6:00, Scholarshare Children’s Book Festival on September 26th and 27th from 10AM to 4PM and so, so much more! To learn more about these and other events, go on line to

Fairytale Town.

See ya there!



  1. Hello Paula!

    I am trying to buy a brick @ Fairytale Town and I am unable to find where to do this on-line. Their flyer says to do it on-line but I can’t seem to find the right page. Any ideas????? I tired before and ending up sending my request to the Zoo which was okay, but want to honor my family for their contributions to Fairytale Town also. Thanks for any help you can send. Didn’t know what to put for comment as??? Sorry

  2. Paula!

    Sorry all I had to do was look @ your Fairytale Town page and got the info I needed. I don’t know if you can remove these comments or not. But it really doesn’t address how I feel about Fairytale Town.


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