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Sacramento’s skies have always been busy. In past years, air force bases ruled as well as the Executive Airport. While we no longer enjoy sonic booms and military jets screaming across the skies, we do lay claim to the Sacramento International Airport. As with all airports, they easily get outdated and Sacramento’s airport is no exception. The most recent completed A Terminal is only 10 years old, and due to limited automobile traffic issues, is already outdated. Terminal B is no longer viable and for that reason, is being replaced.
Big Build is truly something to boast about! This remarkable structure will replace a 216,000SF building with a 669,000SF structure. The architecture is reflective of Sacramento’s famous canopy of trees. Interestingly, parts of the ceiling has been built from a recovered old bridge, consisting of 100,000 board feet of wood milled in 1817. In fact, the airport has a goal of attaining a LEED Silver and is within points of doing so. Eight million dollars have been set aside for art within the structure. Two million dollars of this allotment will be set aside, using the interest to maintain the art.
While this may seem to be an odd time for such impressive expenditure (the total cost is one billion dollars and is coming in at budget), this is paid for by revenue generated by the airport itself and by law, cannot be spent on other projects. There is much to admire about this project, so please click
here to learn more! Don’t ask about the red rabbit…so far no one I have chatted with get it!

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