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Maagizo is a magazine published by the Sacramento Zoo each quarter. It is worthy of the time it takes to read all of the great information shared in this publication.

The Sacramento Zoo is a small regional zoo that is housed in about 14 acres and is over 80 years old. Now, you might think that this translates to a neighborhood zoo. Not so! Here is just a little bit of the information gleaned from Maagizo:

The Association of Zoos and Aquariums helps sponsor a program referred to as the Species Survival Plan. It works to ensure the long term survival of species that might otherwise be endangered. Here are a few of the creatures our Sacramento Zoo is helping:

a newborn Sumatran Tiger
Red River Hog piglets
White-faced Whistling ducklings
5 Fulvous ducklings
7 Burrowing owlets

The Sacramento Zoo also supports global conservations efforts in conjunction with other organizations. One of the main efforts by the Zoo is protecting Grevy’s zebras in Kenya through holistic management of community rangeland. Other efforts are the International Snow Leopard Trust and the Hornbill nest boxes for the Thailand Hornbill Project. Locally, they support the International Bird Rescue and Research Center in Cordelia, California.

There is so much more including partnerships with the Monterey Bay Aquarium and the Seafood Watch Program and the Giant Garter Snake Recovery Program.

This is a vital part of not only the Land Park community, but the region as a whole. It deserves our support…or at least a visit or two!

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