Land Park, East Sacramento
and Curtis Park Specialist


If you are ready for a little scare or a piercing scream, then here are some places to visit on Halloween:
West Sacramento:Visit IKEA from 5 to 7 to trick or treat at plenty of scary house venues!
Scandia Fun Center(5070 Hillsdale Lane):Enjoy the “Scream Extreme”! Tickets are $18 for a “Wicket” ticket and $14 for general admission. You can go as a group for $11 and children are $7.
Sacramento Zoo’s
Boo at the Zoo:Trick or treat at the zoo, enjoy crafts in front of the Reptile House, have animal encounters and have fun with a costume parade and entertainment! Tickets are $9 for children 3 and older and $5 for members 3 and older. Enjoy the festivities from 4:30 to 8PM!

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