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•the electrical cable was supported from a shed to the house by a tree…doesn’t seem quite right
•the buyer purchased her next door neighbors house directly…and thought she was getting a deal
•the buyer was an insurance agent and held her real estate license…a presumption of knowledge
•the purchased home was built without any permits whatsoever…like zero, nil, zip
•the normal sales process typically includes a home inspection and extensive disclosures…this one couldn’t have
•the seller was a real estate agent… which was not disclosed
•it was evident that there were 2 large air ducts resting on a metal roof to a backyard walkway, exposed…hmmmm
•rather than the required 1500 gallon septic tank, this house has a 500 gallon septic tank…an inspection would have revealed this
•there is no electrical meter….really…no one noticed?

This is an actual situation making the news in Placer County, California. The buyer of this house is suing the seller because it is quite possibly a tear-down. But, I just have to ask, which red flag did you not see???? My word, there were real estate agents on both ends and the buyer was an insurance salesperson. There are no excuses…they both should have known better.

When a professional Realtor is hired, they have knowledge and experience. It is automatic…hire a professional home inspector and thorough complete and review disclosures. I have to believe that neither one of these things were done. I have no empathy for the buyer. She cut corners and is now paying the price. The courts are probably going to say the same thing…she should have known better.

The only good news coming out of this is that I now have another story to tell the public as to why it is so important to hire a Realtor and to check their references. If this licensee had done this, she wouldn’t be in this situation now. She would have backed out of the deal and saved herself a lot of grief…not to mention the $295,000 she paid for the house!

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