Land Park, East Sacramento
and Curtis Park Specialist


It was a beautiful morning (albeit early for a weekend) at 8AM. There were more trucks parked on the street than for a rodeo. The activity around the “chosen” house would put a beehive to shame. The Sacramento Association of Realtors, along with other wonderful volunteers had committed themselves to giving back to their community by helping a homeowner in need. Rebuilding Together had given us this opportunity to give back…and there were a lot that were happy to be there.
It was hard to believe that we would actually use all of the tools that were spread out like a picnic on the front yard grass. The talented and knowledgeable brought their manly power tools. Volunteers such as ourselves were relegated to the more harmless paint brushes and rollers…after all, it would take a lot to hurt ourselves or others with these!
In our morning shift, I saw a water heater being carried out of the house, a new shower surround being carried in, windows being completely replaced, fences being mended, dry rot being removed and good wood being installed…and of course there were 7 gallons of exterior paint with 3 gallons of trim that we were charged with. The house was completely painted inside and outside, including the driveway and 3 covered porches.
The best part? Maybe it was the homeowner, who sat in her front yard in total awe of the amount of tasks being accomplished in one day. Maybe it was the number of really talented artisans who put their specialties to good stead for this nice lady. For me, it was the camaraderie of fellow Realtors and Sacramento Association of Realtors staff that made me proud to be in our industry. I was proud to be a part of it!
My camera batteries died, so I couldn’t take a picture…however this one in Texas looked about the same, so I borrowed it from Flickr by wordjunky.

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