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If you had a horrible headache, would you go to your doctor and say “Just look at my head and tell me what’s wrong.”? If your car wouldn’t start, would you tell your mechanic to just look at the hood and tell you why it won’t start?

As strange as these questions might sound, there is a common misconception that REALTORS can tell a homeowner the value of their home by just looking at the outside. There is so much more that needs to be known about a property before an accurate assessment can be made on a property.

Just as a doctor needs to take x-rays, blood samples and other tests to determine the cause of your headache; just as your mechanic must see your engine, listen to it and inspect parts to determine why it won’t start, REALTORS must see the interior of your home to know its true value.

Homes have personalities. Their floor plans vary from the shy many-walled home to the outgoing “great room” floor plan. Conditions vary from the old-timer that is cantakerous to the newbie that hasn’t had a chance to show off its true character. There are homes that are suave and savvy and others that are simply fun-loving.

As REALTORS, it would be irresponsible to tell a homeowner the value of their home without getting to know their home, inside and out. Anything less would do no justice to the home or its owner.

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