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Preparing Your Home to Sell

Preparing your Sacramento home to sell is as vital as selecting a knowledgeable Realtor and pricing it correctly.  This involves a host of items that may need attention. Here are a few thoughts you may want to consider.

Windows should sparkle.  Countertops and floors should shine.  No dust bunnies or cobwebs are allowed within 50 feet of your property.  Stoves, ovens and cupboards should be welcoming the new cook with gleaming interiors and exteriors.

Running toilets and faucets should be repaired or replaced.  Squeaky doors, floors and windows should be silenced.

Visit a new model home.  You will notice very sparse decorating.  You want buyers to look at your home…not your collection of Beanie Babies, plates, Hummels or model cars.  Remove any unnecessary furniture…open up the home to be as spacious as possible.  Remove family photos.  Let the buyers picture their own furniture in your home.  Consulting a professional home stager is always a good idea.

If the paint is worn, paint.  If there is an odor, remove it..don’t cover it!  There are professionals that can do this.  If the carpets and drapes are old, remove or replace them.  If there was a smoker in the house, you may have to have the vents cleaned.  In good weather, if you feel comfortable, open a few windows and let the breeze in.  If you cooked fish the night before, be sure to air out the house.

Whenever you are expecting a showing, turn on all of the lights, open all of the window coverings.  In the winter, light a fire in the fireplace.  In the summer, be sure to leave the air conditioning on.

Buyers won’t even view the inside of your home if the outside isn’t appealing. Keep the lawn mowed and the bushes manicured.  Plant lots of flowers.  View your home as a buyer would.  Would a few shutters add personality?  Would a couple of topiaries add charm?  Does the tree need attention?  Does the screen door obscure the view of a wonderful front door?  Are the mailbox and the porch light in good condition?  Would a chair on the porch invite buyers to feel right at home?  Again, less it more…don’t use the front yard for any kind of storage, including the ATV, trailer, motorhome or boat.

When the buyers are viewing your home, go to a movie.  Go to dinner.  Visit a friend. Walk the dog.  In other words, don’t be home!  Buyers want to investigate your home.  How big are the closets?  Do the cupboards have rolling shelves?  They might want to discuss issues with their Realtor that the Realtor can then overcome.  Buyers will not do this with the seller home.  Turn on some easy listening music.  Be sure pets are either gone or contained.  (Be sure to let the Realtor know if there will be pets in the house and how you would like them handled.)