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It is not unusual for me to be helping clients that live out of town. Specializing in older neighborhoods does that. Original or long-time home owners move on to bigger and better things. The family needs the help and expertise of a local Realtor, since they can’t be there. So, as I said, I quite often help out of town clients. However, I seem to have an unusually large number of this type of client right now.
For example, right now I am in escrow with a cute little house in Elmhurst near the University of California at Davis Med Center. The young couple that are purchasing it are moving from New York to be residents at the Med Center. The wife’s parents who are from Hillsborough (about 2 hours away) are the “scouts” for the buyers. So, I am constantly sending documents and videos to New York and Hillsborough and meeting the parents at the house on their way to Tahoe.
Another listing’s owner lives in Martinez, but travels constantly. I am always playing “Where’s Waldo” with her.
I am also in escrow with another couple who do live here, but had to travel to Palm Desert for family reasons. Wouldn’t you know…their loan documents came in 2 hours after they left, so we are getting an accomodation signing in Palm Desert and recording here.
Another listing is vacant, the owners already having moved to Davis (about 20 minutes away). It is still on the market, so no logistics to deal with yet…but I know it is coming!
Don’t misunderstand…I actually like these kinds of challenges. I enjoy the ability to offer to take the load off of their shoulders and be their advocate here in Sacramento. I can almost see the weight lift off of their shoulders when I tell them I can take care of cleaning, a little updating, meeting the needed professionals, etc. I just have never had every single client be long-distance before!

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