Land Park, East Sacramento
and Curtis Park Specialist


This may not be big news for the vast majority of my fellow Rainers…but here in Land Park, it is just too cool! In the same shopping center as Kinkos and Pet Extreme, we are getting our very own Big Spoon!
For those of you who have been so deprived that you have not had the experience, let me fill you in!
Imagine going into an ice cream shop (in this case frozen yogurt), choosing your size bowl, filling it with as much frozen yogurt as you want, in the flavor you want. Next, choose from a bazillion toppings…anywhere from Reeses Pieces to nuts, from chocolate sauce to marshmallow sauce…and everything in between.
Guess how you pay!…by the pound! Yep…they weigh it at the end and you pay accordingly! Now, how much fun is that? Betcha want one in your neck of the woods! Now, we just have to wait for it to open!

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