Land Park, East Sacramento
and Curtis Park Specialist

Land Park

land-parkOne of the most desirable areas in Sacramento, Land Park is bordered on the north by the Tower District (Broadway), on the west by the Sacramento River, on the east by property owned by the Union Pacific Railroad (soon to become a new residential area) and on the south by it’s namesake, William Land Park.

The majority of homes in Old Land Park were built in the 1940’s.  The architectural style varies from Spanish to Tudor, from Mediterranean to Contemporary.  A vast majority of the Land Park homes have been remodeled over the years.  Dumpsters and workmen are a fairly common site as homes are continually upgraded.  Lot sizes vary from .10 of an acre to over .25 of an acre, with homes having a range of 800 square feet to over 3000 square feet.  The more modest size homes are in Homeland (at the north end of Land Park) and most of the larger homes are in College Tract (at the south end).

Land Park’s retail stores generally remain only on main thoroughfares – Riverside Boulevard, Freeport Boulevard and Broadway.  Favorite Land Park hangouts are Vic’s Ice Cream, Taylor’s Market, Freeport Bakery, Riverside Clubhouse and Tower Cafe.  Freeways are an easy access from Broadway or Riverside Boulevard.