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I know…you are thinking that Land Park residents have heard this rumor before. That was my first reaction. This is just the same old rumor being reborn…except maybe not!
Land Park has longed for a
Trader Joe’s ever since the first time we heard of the possibility of it becoming a Land Park neighbor. It isn’t that we don’t have some great stores in the neighborhood. Raley’s has been here for 30+ years. I have already told you about Taylor’s Market. A Trader Joe’s would round out our choices nicely with it’s off-branding and continual offerings of well priced goods.
It would replace the now rarely used Prime Market on the corner of Land Park Drive and Sutterville Road. It would certainly be a turn-around for this shopping site. Land Park Pharmacy closing it’s doors was a tragic loss. Thankfully, a pharmacy is coming back along with a few new offerings. It is my hope, and I am sure the neighborhoods as well, that along with Trader Joe’s will be an improvement to the shopping center’s appearance.
So, is it coming to Land Park? Well, I have heard this from people who I respect and who should be “in the know” more than most anyone I know. Let’s all keep our fingers crossed!
Photo from Flickr by voxefx

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