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It is becoming very apparent why every Sacramento neighborhood needs advocates to maintain and improve their community in a thoughtful and intelligent way. Tonight the Land Park Community Association heldtheir February public meeting. Several upcoming challenges to the neighborhood were brought to the attention of the LPCA board and attending neighbors. Here is a highlight of just a few of the concerns expressed:

An organization entitled “SAFE” is advocating changes to be made to Freeport Boulevard to improve thesafety of bicyclists and pedestrians. They have asked that LPCA take a position in support of their cause. LPCA is working with them to address their concerns.

The Business Journal published that the Tower Theaterbuilding is now for sale. LPCA will be monitoring the progress of the sale and the buyers intended use for this historical landmark.
It appears that the city has funded the repair of the remaining lamp posts on Land Park Drive, which are in dire need of repair. This should be completed by the end of the year.

There is some question as to who has proposed expansion of the Sacramento Zoo. It appears to be either the City of Sacramento or the Zoological Society. In any case, the expansion is the old Zoo 2002 Plan reincarnated. This would expand the zoo to the land that presently houses the pony rides, the gardens and Funderland. It would also expand the golf course parking to a multi-level parking lot. There is more, and it would be premature to list the exact proposal. Let it be said that the reason that this organization was originally created was to fight this expansion (then known as the Association to Preserve Land Park) and we just might have to take up the wishes of the neighborhood again. Stay posted.

LPCA would love to have you be a part of the association! Please get on our website and join!

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