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I wrote several posts regarding the Land Park Community Association. Within the Land Park neighborhood a rather robust discussion was being conducted regarding the association’s bylaws. There were 2 factions…the status quo group made up of long-standing board members who had contributed heavily to the association and the new group made up of newer members who felt there was a need for change.
I certainly was empathetic to both groups. I had been a founding member of what was then the Association to Preserve Land Park, created approximately 20 years ago to have input into drastic proposed changes to
William Land Park. One of the founding board members was still on the board up to last February. Another had been a board member almost as long. They had given generously of their time, knowledge and energy.
The “Land Park Renaissance” group felt that the old regime had such a strong hold on the board that they could reject any new ideas with which they did not agree. Being a strong proponent to term limits, I agreed with their proposal of term limits and enlarging the board in order to prevent what they felt was a inordinate stronghold on the board. I wasn’t quite as enthusiastic about the strategy involved in attaining this change.
The end result was that the new Land Park Community Association bylaws did pass and now there are 11 board positions to be filled. After a long back and forth discussion with myself, I have decided to run for one of the positions. I hope I can contribute to a better functioning board, better representing the Land Park neighborhood that I love. There is a need for new and fresh ideas…so why not consider joining me and hopefully becoming a Land Park Community Association board member as well? Oh, and please wish me luck!

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