Land Park, East Sacramento
and Curtis Park Specialist


It was an interesting night. It was also an impressive night. At the front of the room at Eskaton in Land Park sat 19 candidates hoping to be elected into the Land Park Community Association board. They represented every demographic in the neighborhood. One gentleman was raised in Land Park. Another was raising his young family in the area. We had proffesionals knowledgeable about land use, events coordination, politics, construction, architecture and urban planning, business management and so much more. It is a wonderful slate of candidates and we should be proud to vote in any 14 of them.
There was a common theme…to promote and support the very best that Land Park has to offer. There are plenty of challenges…the ongoing discussion regarding a bridge over the Sacramento River connecting West Sacramento to Sacramento at Broadway, traffic and all of the issues that it brings, commercial revitalization, and cuts to William Land Parks budget, to name just a few.
The rest of the room was filled with those who care and are concerned about the future of Land Park. They sat attentively as each candidate had 3 minutes to share with the attendees their agendas and qualifications.
One complaint was that there wasn’t enough specific information on how each candidate stood on important issues…and it was a valid point. Hopefully next year that opportunity will be given.
Finally, it was a night we should all be proud of…it is a new beginning!

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