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Last night was the BIG night…the voting in of 14 new board members! This is huge considering there is a total of 15 board members…only the current President was not on the slate of candidates.
We gathered at
Tower Theater. The lobby was filled with Land Park Community Association existing members, candidates and new members. It was a full service event with the sign-up table for those wanting to become a part of this association, another table distributing ballots and another accepting proxy votes. We could even buy popcorn and sodas to support the theater and replace what would have been a healthy dinner!
At 7:00, we took our seats in the theater. It appeared that theater lights could only be so bright…because we certainly had ambiant lighting which set an interesting atmosphere! County Supervisor Jimmy Yee spoke along with Councilman Rob Fong. The last speaker was Captain Shilly (I apologize if I am spelling this wrong) of the Sacramento Police Department. We learned about the challenges facing our county, city and police budgets and how each is approaching these challenges. We spoke of the infamous Bridge to Broadway (and it’s current non-status), the proposal to move the Zoo (at best 20 years away, if done at all), efforts to improve the Broadway corridor, the continuing hope that Trader Joes is going to replace the Prime Market on Sutterville and South Land Park Drive and what we can expect of our police (who I believe are doing their best in a difficult situation).
Finally, we discussed the casting of ballots and 2 new by-law changes. We adjourned to place our votes and mingle with our neighbors. It was an enlightening and interesting night!

Oh…did I mention I was fortunate enough to be voted on to the board? Yeah!

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