Land Park, East Sacramento
and Curtis Park Specialist


I attended the city council meeting tonight. I was there not only as a Land Park resident but a new member of the Land Park Community Association. There is concern regarding the portion of the new city budget to be passed in June that deals with the Department of Parks and Recreation. The city staff is recommending a 43% cut to the Parks and Recreation budget. This translates into 145 maintenance workers losing their job. It means that the bathrooms would have be closed permanently (or until better times). Lawns would be mowed every 3 weeks. Garbage would be left for too long (garbage cans are overflowing every summer weekend).
A committee was formed by Land Park Community Association that supports all of our parks. “Rescue Sacramento Parks” was forms as a result of a “summit” of those who were concerned about the fate of our parks in these fiscally challenging times. This committee, under the leadership of Craig Powell created suggested alterations in the proposed budget. It kept the same allotted budget, but rearranged it to make the most out of a difficult situation. The council complimented the group on proposing a solution rather than just complaining about the proposal. The council has asked the city staff to review the proposed alterations and to come back with a reasonable response. Let’s keep our fingers crossed that reason, rather than politics rules the day.

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