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This will be brief, but worth sharing.

Tuesday night I met with some first time home buyers to chat about their dreams, their plans and the home buying process. I let them in on a few expectations without overwhelming them. They are excited and eager to start the process. One thing I always share with first time home buyers is this:

“You are going to have friends and family tell you not to buy the first house you see. Their intentions are good. However, I am going to show you the best houses out there on our first trip. You will be seeing the cream of the crop on your first outing. So, don’t be surprised if you fall in love with one of the first houses you see. If you do, it is okay to write an offer.”

Tonight, I brought them out for their first outing. Guess what? The third house was a winner. What was the first question they asked me? “Should we look at more houses since this is the first outing?”

It was so easy to remind them of our earlier conversation. If I had done it after they had seen it, they would have thought either I was eager for a commission or was pressuring them to buy quickly. As it stood, it was just a reminder of a previous conversation.

It’s all about preparation and letting them know it is okay to do what THEY want.

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