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For the last time…it is NOT for rent! Don’t send your checks to Africa! My seller is not temporarily living in Africa. Even though the e-mail address is his name and his name is at the bottom of the letter, he did not write it! Yes, the rental amount quoted is a steal…and the person collecting it is a thief!

I know it appears to be too inconsequential of a crime for the overworked police to deal with it. Craigs List has become the latest venue for thieves to steal from unsuspecting renters. They pay for a domain name that appears legitimate (usually the sellers name or the address of the property). Then they take out a free ad in Craigs List a
dvertising the property that is listed for sale, listing it as a rental. The first communication sent out after interest is expressed is very gentle (although a bit illiterate). If the renter pursues it a little further, the letters get a little more forceful.
So, I am going to give rentesr searching on Craigs List some advice. If they can’t meet you at the property with a key, it is probably a scam. If they ask you to send money before you have a key, it is a scam. If they live in Africa, IT IS MOST DEFINITELY A SCAM. If the rental price seems too good to be true, it is a scam. If you still don’t believe it, go to the property, get the contact number for the listing agent and call them. Ask them if it is for rent….and they will tell you IT IS A SCAM!

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