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Don’t get me wrong…it’s a fine color. It’s what I painted my first two houses I owned 30 years ago. You can put just about any other color with it and it goes with everything. It is a safe color that will not offend your visitors. Guests will not dislike your for your taste in decorating or see a side of you that they didn’t know about.
Then one day it hit me…people didn’t know me. My own house was not a reflection of me but a reflection of no one. After all, who was living in my house? Who spent most of their time in my house? Me! So why wasn’t I decorating for me? So, what color is my house now? Flame yellow, mist green, doeskin brown, slate blue, red and periwinkle. It’s me and if my guests don’t like it, then they don’t have to come to my house.

Do you approach your blogging posts the same way? Do you prefer to not write at all rather than let someone know what you are about? Do you write safe posts that don’t risk an offense? Or do you take the bumpy road of letting people know where you stand? Do you comment when you don’t agree with a post? Do you let people get to know you?
I say, take a risk! The rewards you receive are bountiful. You may not have as many followers, but the ones you have are people who enjoy you and look forward to your next “get together”. Have fun! Post away!

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