Land Park, East Sacramento
and Curtis Park Specialist


After much fanfare, Land Park Community Association is starting fresh. In a meeting on February 11th, sweeping changes were made to the association’s by-laws. With the board now having the capacity of 15 members and presently having 4, it will have 11 brand new board members. There will certainly be a time of adjustment and work toward cohesiveness, but the hope is that this board will better represent a changing and well established neighborhood.
On April 29th, the association will be hosting Mayor Kevin Johnson, Councilmember Rob Fong and Supervisor Jimmie Yee at it’s annual membership meeting. In addition to Councilmember Fong’s “State of Land Park” address, the local police commander, Captain Dan Schiele will present a briefing on crime in Land Park and the association’s involvement in crime alerts. If you are interested in attending, it will be at Tower Theater beginning at 6:30 (doors opening at 6:15).
There is a host of important new information from LPCA, so please feel free to see all of the projects they have going, the news they have and the schedule of LPCA events at

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