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I was struck by an article I just read in Inman News. It was speaking of the need to adapt to new technology. One agent said that they were sold on electronic signatures because their client didn’t want the agent to come to their house. This speaks volumes about the changes in our industry.

We can actually complete an entire escrow without a face-to-face with any of the principals or agents. Predominantly, it is the listing and selling agent who never meet. Certainly, there are benefits. Clients and/or agents can go out of town and contracts can still be signed. Lists of prospective houses can be sent to buyers without the selling agent lifting a finger after the initial search set up in the Internet.

However, I miss the warm and fuzzy. I miss putting a face to the person I am e-mailing or texting. I love explaining the contract to my buyers and sellers as they sit with me at a conference table. I want to be able to recognize the other agent when we meet at an event.

E-mails and texts carry with them the very strong possibility of misunderstanding the intent. There is no voice inflection…no sympathetic tones, no laughter. It is easy to misinterpret what was meant when you can’t read a persons face.

I am the first to enjoy the perks of the technology age…I just want a little touchy feely along with it!

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