Land Park, East Sacramento
and Curtis Park Specialist


I’m a little cracked; there are a few chips. I’ve been knocked around quite a bit of late. However, I am whole on the inside. I am still growing and doing what I need to do to become what I was meant to be.

My country is in the same state of affairs. The government is cracked and almost broken. It is being knocked around a lot. The external message is exhausting. There are as many theories regarding how to fix us as there are candidates who have a solution. The media is quick to find fault and place blame as are those in office.

However, the American people are still doing what they need to do to survive and be the very best they can be despite the circumstances. It isn’t easy. We are making sacrifices. We are changing the way we live. We are scaling down. We are learning new careers. We are working longer hours and retirement is being put on hold. Best of all, we are still giving to those less fortunate than ourselves. We are giving our time, our money and our energy to the increasing number of people who are less fortunate than ourselves.

I am so proud to be an American.

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