Land Park, East Sacramento
and Curtis Park Specialist


Since 1968, we have been a family run business known as Dunnigan, Realtors. We are truly a family, placing more emphasis on new agents fitting in than increasing the bottom line. The owners don’t have their own offices…their desks are right among the desks of the Realtors. Uniquely, we completely trust each other…contracts can be left on desks with no concerns about another agent taking advantage of the exposure.

Then, 3 years ago, we realized that we weren’t keeping up with technology, and thus not providing the level of professionalism that we wanted to give our agents and clients. We turned to Windermere Real Estate, another quality family run real estate firm out of Seattle with a great reputation and cutting edge technology. It was a good match at the time and we do not regret the move. However, over the past 3 years, more and more of the technology we required was being offered locally. Then Windermere sent down a mandate to all of their franchisees to eliminate their local name.

Dunnigan, Realtors is well known in the neighborhoods they work. We do not try to be all things to all people and feel strongly about our agents specializing in their selected neighborhoods. Giving up our name would be tantamount to starting over, as other than us, Windermere Real Estate does not have a strong branding in Sacramento.

So, this week we returned to our roots…and are thrilled to be back! Today our old signs came down and our new signs went up. We gathered at our house to exchange over 250 open house signs for new Dunnigan, Realtors signs. The blue is gone and our cranberry color is back! We are soooo exicted!

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