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I wrote this blog in August of 2010…. please read and then I will follow up on why I am reposting this.


My daughters and I regularly enjoy a local famer’s market. It is just hard to beat the quality of the fresh food and the very reasonable prices.
One of my favorite stops is the flower booth of one particular vendor. Now, there are several flower vendors there and they all sell pretty much the same flowers. Why, then, do I loyally go back each and every time to him?
He doesn’t just sell his flowers – he romances his flowers. He also makes me feel special. Once in a while, when he is running low of my favority tuber roses, he saves me the last bunch. Last week he made sure to hold 2 bouquets for me. He gave my granddaughters each a beautiful stalk of gladiolas. He always wears a smile. By his demeanor, he makes you feel like he never has a bad day…he’s the kind of person you want to be around.
We should sell homes this way. We should romance the homes we show. We should make our clients feel special…like they are the only clients we have at the moment. We should reflect a positive attitude that makes them feel that they have chosen the best REALTOR. We should listen…really listen, so we know when we have found the perfect house for our buyers.
And let’s not forget, flowers have a fragrance that lasts a long time…let’s hope our clients remember us like that fragrance …. a long time.
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I went to the farmers market today, looking forward to seeing my friend Ed, the flower man. I was surprised to see his space empty except for a few flowers. I figured he had sold out early and gone home. He had never done this before, but what else would make sense? I went to the booth across from his to purchase my summer squash, and the couple there explained. Ed was killed in a head on accident caused by a drunk driver at a little after noon on September 29th. His 10 year old daughter was with him and was in critical condition. I can’t imagine what his family is going through, knowing my own grief. So, please, enjoy every single moment of your life and the people you meet every day. And just as important, please, never, NEVER, drive after drinking. Thank you for your indulgence.

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