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For a change, the Sacramento City Council finally got it right! After heavy lobbying by the Land Park Community Association, the Broadway Partnership, the Land Park Volunteer Corp and both Land Park and Southside neighborhoods, the city council made a major step towards a Sacramento River crossing!

Over 15 testimonies were made by these groups and others last Tuesday night. With the exception of one neighbor who saw no problem with a W/X bridge, all were in agreement. Here are the highlights of the decision made:

A crossing at Sutterville Road is simply a bad idea…traffic similar to in front of Arden Fair using Land Park as a short cut to downtown, the disaster it would be for William Land Park, and the number of homes that would have to be eliminated to allow for the base. Sutterville Road was taken off of the list of potential river crossings.
A crossing at Broadway, as originally planned (a 4 lane commuter bridge) is a bad idea…the same said traffic cutting through Southside Park as a short cut to downtown, businesses being disrupted due to the amount of traffice, the elimination of the pedestrian feel of Broadway. It was decided that a smaller, neighborhood friendly bridge just might work.
A definition of what a “neighborhood friendly” bridge will be supplied by the city staff within 3 weeks to ensure the understanding of the scale that is being discussed.
The primary site that should be researched is a northern bridge at the Railyards. Councilwoman Ashby, in whose area this would land, is enthusiastic about this priority. All who spoke agreed that the first bridge developed should be a northern site.
This is truly exciting news. While the funding is still not there, it is important to have a future plan that will benefit both Sacramento and West Sacramento. The head of SACOG insinuated that if we direct them to place a priority at the northern end of the river, they cannot guarantee funding. Councilman Fong said it best….”I am okay with not getting funding for something we don’t want”, meaning a 4 lane commuter bridge at Broadway should also be off the table.

Sacramento took a big, and positive step Tuesday, by putting the interests of their constituents first…what a novel concept!

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