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Amber is pregnant! Now, you might wonder who Amber is and why this is such a monumental occasion. Amber is a Giant Anteater and her little bundle of joy will be the first anteater to be born at the Sacramento Zoo. Look for the birth announcement coming in early April. If you want to learn more about Amber and her little one, click on Sacramento Zoo’s Amber.

The giraffe’s at the Sacramento Zoo have always had a barn of sorts and enough land to wander, but it was nothing special. Well, all that has changed with the opening of the Tall Wonders Giraffe exhibit. Not only do the giraffes have a cutting edge new home, but now visitors can view them at eye level with the addition of a viewing deck. The giraffes are already enjoying their new home, but the grand opening won’t be until February 12th. Now, it just doesn’t get any cooler than that!

If you have enjoyed our little Sacramento Zoo enclave, you have missed one of the very special experiences of the region. Take a weekend day and meander the regions of the world in an hour or two!

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