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Five little words cost a third of my commission. Now there’s a way to start a blog!

How did this happen? As with many unfortunate things, quite simply. After showing my clients many houses, we found THE ONE. It was perfect. We wrote an offer and it was accepted. Soon after, we went by the house to have a contractor bid painting. As we were taking a look at the work, we realized there was no heat or air conditioning upstairs. I told them I would look into it, as it would certainly affect the value of the house and the price we had offered.

Then, when I looked back on the computer printout, I discovered five little words that changed everything….”No heat and air upstairs” was written in the “agent only” remarks. I had missed it. I immediately called my clients, let them know of my oversight and told them that I would be happy to pay for the heat and air as I had missed it and had negotiated a price that possibly should have been less.

Do I resent this? No…because as with many things in my life, I learn more by my mistakes than with my successes. I will read “agent only” remarks more closely next time. Also, it is an opportunity to serve my clients well and hopefully, get referrals because I was willing to step up.

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