Land Park, East Sacramento
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East Sacramento

Probably one of the most prestigious of Sacramento neighborhoods, East Sacramento is well known for it’s “Fab Forties” and McKinley Park.  The “Fab Forties” is an area bordered by Folsom Boulevard, J Street, 40th Street and 47th Street.  It enjoys very large lots, spacious & impressive homes and wide, tree-canopied streets.  McKinley Park is a gem in the neighborhood.

East Sacramento is bordered by Capitol City Freeway to the west, the American River to the north and east, and Highway 50 to the south.

Most homes in East Sacramento were built from the 1910’s to the 1940’s and have been loved and improved upon ever since.  Spanish, Tudor, Mediterranean and Craftsman style homes can all be found here in abundance.  Lots can range from .12 of an acre to more than a third of an acre.  The more modest homes average approximately 1200 square feet, but it isn’t unusual to find some homes with as much as 3500 square feet or more.

Many wonderful retail stores and restaurants are interspursed throughout the East Sacramento neighborhood, with too many to name here.  You will just have to cruise the neighborhood and find your own favorites!