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Saying “Sacramento is a destination” may not be what travelers may have heard. What is more commonly heard is “Sacramento is a great place to start from”. Even native Sacramentans may have come to believe this…we hear it quite often.
I beg to differ. I defy anyone to identify a city that has more to offer than Sacramento.

  • We are at the convergence of 2 beautiful rivers: the Sacramento River and the American River. Some may dispute the Sacramento River as being beautiful since it contains a heavy dose of run-off from farmlands north of it. However, navigating the Sacramento Delta will prove its scenic qualities. The American River is popular for rafting and fishing.
  • Sacramento is the City of Trees, boasting more trees per capita than any other city in the world.
  • Sacramento is enjoying a growing industry…the wine industry. Just across the Sacramento River is a multitude of wonderful, award winning wineries. Travel into the foothills to enjoy wonderful family-owned wineries galore.
  • Besides the obvious offering of professional sports like the Sacramento Kings and the minor league RiverCats, Sacramento offers a plethora of recreational sports such as softball, baseball, soccer, swimming, basketball and more.
  • Sacramento is just a little over an hour from the world-renowned city of San Francisco for those who wish to visit or shop.
  • For the skiing enthusiasts, travel up Highway 50 or Interstate 80 for an hour and a half to have world-class slopes of Heavenly Valley, Squaw, Boreal, Sugarbowl, Kirkwood, North Star and more to enjoy.
  • Ocean lovers can bask in the sun after traveling just an hour from Sacramento.
  • Jazz enthusiasts from all over the world converge on Sacramento in May for the Sacramento Jazz Festival.
  • Boating enthusiasts can travel 45 minutes to Folsom Lake, just a few minutes to the Sacramento River or American River or, if they like a chill in the water, to Lake Tahoe.
  • World-class restaurants have sprouted up in the past few years to offer those who enjoy a comfortable evening out an memorable experience.
  • Sacramento has a strong artistic flair. The Crocker Art Museum is the oldest art museum in the West and just finished a beautiful, state of the art addition. Every new construction is required to contain funding for art within its venue. There are several offerings for the performing arts, many of them offered throught the California Community Theater.

I could go on forever, but it would become overwhelming for the reader to take it all in. Come visit us!

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