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While farmers markets are becoming more and more popular, some may wonder why they should drive all the way out to Sloughhouse to get their veggies and fruits. After all, don’t all farmers market have pretty much the same things?

NOPE! Take the drive out to Davis Ranch

to find out the difference.

My most recent visit was on the 4th of July…and wouldn’t you think that it would be a bit slow or that Davis Ranch would have shortened their hours in favor of the holiday? Not only were they open, they were swamped! We drove by the first time on our way to our own 4th of July celebration at about 9:30AM…and they were busy. We stopped by on our way home at about 2:30…and they were going crazy with business!

What makes this place so exceptional? Easy…the fresh produce. Many grocery stores get their produce from Davis Ranch (especially the corn). We get to cut out the middle man and buy it direct! Do they bring in some of the produce? I am pretty sure the answer is yes. It doesn’t bother me because I know most of it is their own and you can’t beat the price! (That’s me at the counter paying for more vegetables than we can eat in a week…but they all looked so good!)
And now you can attend the Davis Ranch Corn Festival! It will be on July 18th and 19th from 9AM to 4PM. They will entertain with live music, arts and crafts, FFA demonstrations, and great food (which includes their famous Slouhhouse corn)!
If you are looking for a fun filled family outing, don’t miss this celebration! Davis Ranch is located at 13211 Jackson Road…just look for the crowds! For more information, you can call 530 503-9292.

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