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If you hadn’t planned on going to the California State Fair in Sacramento…reconsider!

I went there today with my granddaughters and mother and had a great time! We pet llamas, wallabys (even the baby in the pouch), fawns, goats, pot bellied pigs, roosters, a donkey, and sheep. We looked at miniature horses and gihugic horses. We saw calves 1 day old and 10 piglets that put a whole new definiation to cute! We rode the ponies too!

But, that isn’t what impressed me. Here’s what impressed me:

A fair worker stopping to ask a motorist if she could help her (she was stopped in front of the gate).

A fair worker cleaning the outside of the garbage can to be sure it was clean.

Hand washing stations everywhere.

Drinking fountain stations everywhere.

Flowers..beautiful flowers and greenery in every corner.

The moved the little ones rides to the other side of the fair near the petting zoo, so the kiddies aren’t forced to play with the big kids.

So, think again…this may be the best one yet!

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