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The beauty of teaming up with a Realtor for buyers is that it usually does not cost them a dime…and will maximize their possibility of purchasing the property they are looking for.
However, there are many steps a buyer can take that will help their Realtor give them the very best service possible.

  • Be honest with the purchase price for which you can qualify. A Realtor needs to know your top qualifying price, even if you don’t want to go that high. The reason for this is while you may not want to go that high, you are probably looking that high on the internet and ads. You will get frustrated with your Realtor for not showing you properties that you might consider because they aren’t aware you can go higher than the price range they are looking. Just tell them that while you can qualify for X, you only want to go as high as Y. This way, if there is the perfect house out there that you would make an exception for, your Realtor can at least show it to you.
  • Be available. If you are serious about purchasing, then you need to be available to view property. This becomes particularly pertinent in this market of multiple offers. If you are an out of town buyer, it will be better to simply wait until you are in town to look at property. Making offers on properties you have not seen is not looked upon kindly by listing agents or their sellers. Once you are in town, be prepared to write an offer. Have your prequalification letter in hand.
  • Be flexible. Your Realtor is going to show you homes that fit within the parameters you have given them. It is unusual for one property to have all of the features you are looking for. Most of the time, I find buyers fall in love with one or two aspects of the home and are willing to forgo some of their other needs to enjoy the features they like. Sticking to a strict list will make your home search frustrating to everyone.
  • Once you have decided on a property, stick with it. You have an accepted offer…lucky you! Backing out once could be excused…backing out multiple times is discouraging for your Realtor who gets excited for you only to find out that you have changed your mind…again. At some point, if this continues, your Realtor will probably put you on on a back burner and pay more attention to more motivated buyers that they are working with.
  • Trust your Realtor. You have selected that Realtor for a reason; a referral, meeting them at an open house, reading about them on the internet. Whatever the reason, once you have made that decision, trust that they are working for your best interests. They will consult you on properties available, proper offering prices, the best terms to write up and negotiate the inspection results. Their experience and expertise should be taken advantage of. If you don’t feel you can trust them, then you have selected the wrong Realtor…kindly explain that it isn’t working for you and move on to another Realtor who you feel you can trust.

Approach your home search and purchase in this way and you have maximized your Realtors ability to help you…and have a great experience along the way!

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