Land Park, East Sacramento
and Curtis Park Specialist


Yup…that’s what I was…a muddy mess! However, I sure had fun gettin there!

Yesterday was the annual Doggy Dash – a fundraiser for the local SPCA. Under normal circumstances, it would have been a sunny, beautiful June day. Unfortunately, our weather has been anything but normal, so despite the prayers of everyone involved, it rained…just as it has been doing all spring.

Just as evidence of Sacramento’s dedication to it’s pets, the turnout was still impressive! Thousands of people and dogs sloshed through William Land Park’s normally hardy grass, now a mushy, muddy quagmire. Vendors pressed themselves to the middle of their canopies, hoping to keep their wares just a little dry.

The dogs? Well the water-loving dogs not only enjoyed the rain, but relished in traipsing through the water filled gutters. The less enthusiastic dogs had owners who knew them well and covered them with rain coats or warm vests. The older ones were toted in flower-decorated wagons towed by loving owners. They all barked a little, whined a little, sniffed a lot and wagged tails.

Me? Well, my dog has a tendency to pounce on me with her two front paws…a lot. She particularly enjoyed the water and the mud. So, as high as she could reach, I was muddy….and wet. Can you think of a better way of getting there? (oh…there will be a real photo as soon as my daughter can send it to me!)

All in all, a great morning!

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