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The first time I heard about Angie’s List, it was from a client. Interestingly, he was telling me that he no longer is going to subscribe to Angie’s List….he is just going to go on my website. Don’t worry…this is not about my website. What it is about is Angie’s List.

I am now seeing national advertising for this on-line reference to find service people. In fact, somehow, I got on their internet list. After receiving many offers to be on Angie’s List, I decided it was worth looking into. Here is what I discovered…

ANGIE’S LIST IS EXPENSIVE…I mean really expensive…like hundreds of dollars a month! And no…you cannot be included unless you pay. Interestingly, it appears that the more you pay, the higher up on her list you are. Now knowing this, I have to wonder…what is the difference between the yellow pages (either on-line or the actual book) and Angie’s List?

The conclusion that I came to was that you have to subscribe to Angie’s List to even use it. The internet and the book…well they are free.

So…next time you need a referral, what are you going to do? You might as well go to the yellow pages and pick the contractor with the biggest ad!

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