Land Park, East Sacramento
and Curtis Park Specialist


I didn’t write this last night…I was exhausted! But I had to share what turned out to be a wonderful night with clients, agents, coworkers and friends!

We host a semi annual art show. In May we have it at our Land Park office and in September we have it at our Sierra Oaks office. We invite our clients, friends, relatives. We invite local artists to share their wonderful inspirations with the neighborhood and give them the opportunity to sell their artwork. From 5 until 8, we offer wine, beer and sodas along with some wonderful hors de vours…and some fabulous art! It is typically attended by around 300 people…and we have a wonderful time catching up with friends and clients we may not have seen for awhile. Here is some of the artwork that was shown.
This is created by Katherine Lemke-Waste…a wonderfully talented artist who turns everyday items into centerpieces.

You know when I am enthusiastically telling you about Land Park? Well, this is a view of the park created by Miles Herman…we have had him back year after year.

This is painted on a cigar box. It is an impression of the Tower Theater…you may have heard of Tower Records…well, this is the original store and was painted by Anthony Montanino.

This is a wonderful photograph by Don Satterlee of a bridge in downtown Sacramento…I love the way he depicted the shadowy impression the Sacramento fog presents as opposed to showing every rivett on the bridge!

This is a pin created by a truly talented young new artist…and for the life of me, I don’t know her name (even though I commissioned some earrings from her..shame on me!) Don’t you love the craziness of this?

This is by Sheila Van Noy…a talented photographer in her own right, and a fellow Realtor as well! She said she was told that this is a Grateful Dead reference.

Okay.. a little self-promotion…this is my own sculpture..such as it is!

Thanks for letting me indulge myself in sharing something with you that our office looks forward to every year!

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