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When you list a home that is involved in an estate (probate or trust), do you give your sellers the very best advice? What I am referring to here is an estate sale to sell the personal items left in the home.
It seems that lately I have listed several homes that were inherited by relatives. For them, it is such a difficult time. They are grieving the loss of a loved one and at the same time dealing with not only the property, but what to do with all of the personal items left in the house. We can make a difference for them.
Find a qualified estate liquidator. Suggest to them that after they distribute the items the family wants, leave EVERYTHING in the house for a liquidator to deal with. Liquidators want the small, insignificant stuff every bit as much as the collectibles and furniture. The small items are a draw for the public and the collectibles to the collectors. This way, the sellers don’t have to deal with hauling, packing, cleaning, etc.
The liquidator I recommend sorts, prices and sells everything. What doesn’t sell, she donates to the appropriate charities. She has the house cleaned when she is done. If I am doing some updating to the house, she will sell light fixtures, carpet and window treatments. This service is not necessarily cheap…she collects a fair percentage for her trouble…but when the gross is $20,000 (as it was in my last one), the seller is thrilled!

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